TBSA has partnered with Team BEAST to create a culture that allows for young athletes to thrive on the field, while instilling values that will stick with them off the field for life. Baseball foundations and cornerstones are taught from the earliest ages to ensure that our athletes are well prepared for the rigors of competitive showcase baseball. Our High School athletes are showcased in front of schools from all over the United States, in order to show them not only what lies beyond the Southeast, but also what will be their best fit for beyond high school.


BEAST is committed to three things:​






Team Beast Florida is dedicated to preparing your player for the next level. Our teams will practice and train with current MLB and College coaches. Headed up By Coach Robert Rodriguez and Coach Doug Banks and their qualified staff of coaches. The Team Beast Florida staff is dedicated to getting your player into the proper program for their success. Wether it's D1,D2, JUCO, staying local or playing out of state. Our coaching staff is ready to provide the necessary guidance and encouragement for all players. Our program will practice!!! Tryout, Train, Develop, Get Recruited!