Total Baseball Sports Academy

Arm Strength and Conditioning Clinic

Coach Mike Olasin            Hitting and Fielding     (727) 815-5771

Coach Jeff Campbell         Hitting and Pitching     (727) 542-5750

Coach Roberto Ramirez    Hitting and Fielding     (786) 935-8799 

​Coach Jason Tracy            Pitching                        (727) 902-1133 

Private/Small Group Lessons:


Instructor: Coach Jason and Coach Tim

Where: Patriot Park
Date: October 4 or October 5

Time: 4:30 - 5:30

Cost: $20

Capacity: 16 Participants
Techniques Covered: Coach Jason and Coach Tin will provide instruction on proper long toss technique as well as an arm strengthening regiment for each participant that can be utilized year round.